Where We Work

Peacebuilders Community, Inc (PBC or PBCI as it is known here) is an organization comprised of committed filipinos and an incredible nation-wide network of volunteers working to create a sustainable & just peace in the Philippines. Their dream is to have a Peace and Reconciliation community in each province of the Philippines (there are 80) — and they are well on their way with close to 20 PAR communities today. PBCI trains leaders in these communities in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, active nonviolence and reconciliation and the leaders then train teams within the provinces. To provide a holistic approach to peacebuilding, PBCI also has clinical psychologists and nurses working to provide sustainable health — both trauma healing and direct healthcare — in areas affected by violence. In 2006, they began Coffee for Peace a fairtrade coffee initiative as a way to build trust, create economic stability, and promote justice in regions of Mindanao hard hit by the ongoing violence. Kape sa Kalinaw emerged rather organically and quickly built a strong foundation of trust in rural communities. The coffee is now being sold through Level Grounds in Canada and we are lucky enough to enjoy a cupp’a Joe every morning in Davao at the original Coffee for Peace coffee shop, located right below our office.


2 thoughts on “Where We Work

  1. Thanks for the update! It all sounds so perfect for the both of you ….and a morning cup of Jo makes the day go fast, eh? Love u both and we’re thinking of both of you!!! Just Bob and Janie.

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